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2035/6 A Rack RBR Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications - Wera 05227720001 Red Bull Racing Tools by

2035/6 A Rack Red Bull Racing Screwdriver set and rack for electronic applications

Indispensable for all motor sport fans with demands on high quality tools: The Red Bull Racing Micro set consists of 6 high-quality screwdrivers for electrical and precision engineering. Rapid twisting results from fixing the hand on the head and using the fast-turning zone just below. This makes time-consuming grip adjustments unnecessary. Power zones with integrated soft sections ensure the transfer of high loosening and tightening torque; a precision zone for the right rotation angle during fine adjustment work. The Black Point tip offers optimised corrosion protection and an exact fit. Including a practical rack for tidy storage of the screwdrivers.

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