Welcome to Tool Maniac the dedicated one stop platform for all you Maniacs who simply love their tools. As we have only just launched we hope you stay with our journey and you become part of it.

This is not just about selling tools, it’s about finding interesting product and showing you the plus and minus of each item.

We will be embracing our social media, more so our You Tube channel which we’d like you to subscribe too. The Vloggs will be about the tools we sell, the ones we highly recommend and hopefully joining us will be guest speakers from the major manufacturers.

Our store has close to 50,000 products covering all aspects of the world of tools you will find that elusive item (well we hope) and we will hopefully steer you to make the right purchases.

We have all the top brands in store and over the coming months we will be bringing you fabulous new products we have sourced that will be wearing the Tool Maniac branding.

We highly recommend becoming a VIP member, this will bring benefits every time you purchase from the store. Join us you Tool Maniac.

We know you will oggle at many of the products in store and be saying to your self “Oh dear Oh dear, I so want that and that and that” just like a true Maniac so, we have arranged finance facilities so what your heart desires you can have.

We have in store

  • Tool Boxes and Storage Solutions
  • Hand Tools
  • Power Tools
  • Gardening Tools
  • Workshop Equipment
  • Fitted Garages