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8002 C Koloss ½" with ½" drive,Wera,05003692001,Koloss

8002 C Koloss ½" with ½" drive

The ratchet that can also be safely and officially used as a hammer. The KOLOSS is a reversible, heavy-duty ratchet that can be used with a load of at least 600 Newton metres. The dual ratchet teeth and the minimum return angle of only 6° ensure rapid and precise screwdriving even in confined situations. And the best thing: absolutely no impact on the hammer faces, however hard, can destroy the ratchet mechanism. Multi-component Kraftform handle optimised to withstand pressure, impact and tensile loads; take-up for KOLOSS extension 8780 C and KOLOSS centring pin 8781 C at end of handle. Comes in a set with practical holster for e.g. belt attachment or to a machine with the aid of the snap hook as well as a pad to protect materials and the surface of the workpiece.
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